Fabrication of steel bridge super structure & other steel components.

Fixing of vanity supports, shower bench supports and doors at Building 01, 02, 05 & 06

Construction and paint work of canopies at BD 1, 2, 5 & 6 and mezzanine floors on BD 2 (approximately total of 300 tons) including all tests. Installation of Senlin and Dong Bang steel door including all the accessories at BD 2.

Construction of gas storage rooms at BD 04 & 05

Installation of curtain walls (approx.on 46,000ft2), Fixing of steel doors, perforated panels (12,000 ft2), and vertical and horizontal aluminum fin on the entrie building

Installation of unitized panels & claddings from lv 11 – 47

Construction of life shaft & canopy

Fabricaton and erection of 18 meter high stainless steel chimney

Repairing of roof, installation of dry wall partitions and racks and fabrication of folding stair case

Construction of facility buillding & canteen building at Koggala free trade zone

Construction of a two story car park

Sub contractor’s site office building complex (Taisel Corporation)

Warehouse building (Hayleys Advantis)

Warehouse Building – 28,000m2 (Hayleys Advantis)

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Fixing of dry wall partitions, File racks & gates

Fabrication of 05•ton gantry crane

Installation of pneumatic chill water & exhaust duct lines.

Construction of site offices using EPS panels.

Constructions of a parking area for buses.

Construction of a steel building.

Construction of a two storied residential building.

Errection of a vehicle shelter.

Fabrication and erection of multi purpose building

Fabrication and installation of Factory Building for EU Retec Ltd

Build ,Supply and Operate Squeezer/shredder