In the dynamic landscape of engineering and innovation, Nexus Engineering Services stands as a beacon of excellence, seamlessly blending expertise in steel fabrication, precision erections, and a commitment to delivering innovative solutions across diverse industries. As we continually strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible, we are excited to unveil a groundbreaking venture in partnership with two industry giants: APL Apollo and Ornate Solar.

At the heart of our new venture lies a vision for a sustainable future, where cutting-edge technology converges with eco-conscious solutions. As part of this initiative, we are introducing state-of-the-art in-roof solar solutions to the Sri Lankan market, a move that not only reinforces our dedication to progress but also cements our role as a catalyst for change in the renewable energy sector.

About APL Apollo: Redefining Structural Steel Excellence

Our collaboration with APL Apollo, the unrivaled leader in the production of Structural Steel Tubes in India, marks a significant stride towards transforming the Sri Lankan engineering landscape. With an awe-inspiring production capacity of 3.6 million metric tons per annum, APL Apollo is not merely a market leader but a transformative force. Boasting an impressive 55% market share, the company operates through 29 branches and 11 plants, employing over 2500 skilled professionals.

Beyond national borders, APL Apollo’s global footprint extends its services to more than 20 countries, showcasing a commitment to delivering quality and innovation on a global scale. As we incorporate APL Apollo’s wealth of expertise into our portfolio, we are poised to redefine structural steel excellence in Sri Lanka.

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In tandem with APL Apollo, our collaboration extends to Ornate Solar, a trailblazer in India’s solar journey. Ornate Solar stands as a beacon of empowerment, providing India with affordable, reliable, and user-friendly solar solutions. Recognized by government bodies and international organizations alike, Ornate Solar’s innovative solutions and cutting-edge Research and Development initiatives have garnered acclaim, positioning the company as one of the largest and most innovative solar players in India.

With a commitment to environmental stewardship and a track record of success, Ornate Solar has played a pivotal role in shaping India’s solar landscape. Now, together with Nexus Engineering Services, we are excited to bring this legacy of innovation and sustainability to the shores of Sri Lanka.

Embarking on a Sustainable Journey

Nexus Engineering Services invites you to explore the boundless potential of our in-roof solar solutions. It's about shaping a sustainable future, where energy efficiency and environmental consciousness coexist.

Myth-busting about inroof solar installation

Here are some common myths about inroof solar and the real truth.

Only BIPV modules can be used for solar roof
Inroof can incorporate any readily available modules and is customizable to molecular level
High raw material cost increases the project cost
Use of Inroof increases the initial cost but returns 8 times more than the conventional rooftop during its lifetime
Waterproofing provided by silicone sealants
Inroof uses patented mechanical arrangements to avoid water ingress from the roof
South tilt at a particular angle is essential for maximum generation
The change in orientation and angle does not lead to significant loss in the generation capacity of the plant
Solar structures are architecturally boring
Inroof is a seamless roof of solar panels and aesthetic as opposed to traditional rooftop solar structures. Can be used in residential market as Inroof pergolas
Space below the solar plant is useless
Inroof is completely waterproof and therefore the space beneath the Inroof can be utilized for any usage (residential and industrial)